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I've been bloated for 4 years

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I decided I'm just gonna put this out there. I have a problem. I've been bloated for 4 years. My "fat day" is turning into a "fat decade". Something must be done.

I don't know what possessed me to admit it? perhaps it's the late hour or the caffeine pumping through my system or even the second child I just brought into this world. Whatever the case for the courage, here it is.

I have been wanting to lose weight and mostly be HEALTHY since 2004 and have never seemed to manage it, well if you don't count the 4 months of pregnancy I spent starving myself, after which, I was left with a thin frame that seemed to disappear within weeks (b/c of pregnancy & a dyer need to live).

So I decided to use this site as a means of internal accountability. Your welcome to post your weekly thoughts on YOUR health successes and failures too. Once a week I'll confess via blog my successes, attempts, thoughts, and frustrations (I have plenty of those). I will not be posting my weight b/c I have no interest in public scrutiny or the image of your expression resulting from the shock and awe. Besides, I'm going to be the classic chubby girl now and say "it's not about weight".

My thoughts have often fallen on how I got so out of shape?

Yes, I'm aware that I just had a child but that only adds to the fuel of wanting to get back into shape. I'm not talking Heidi Klum shape (though a goal for some, I myself, am not 6ft, blond, a supermodel, or rich with a nutritionist, cook, and personal trainer). I figure it's a result of unhealthy eating, which I blame on my husband.

See a bad sign already, I'm not taking responsibility for my actions...sigh. But really it's his fault. He played a little football at a city college and needed to put lbs on (if only) so he would stay up till midnight with me eating mozzarella sticks and bbq wings with lots and lots of ranch. Eventually I caved and joined him, even though I wasn't trying out for a line backer position. I considered my actions social support. The weight gain wasn't immediate but it did create some new fat cells and a love for ranch dressing.

I'd like to also take this moment to blame college if I may. Though I graduated in 03 w/ my degree I strongly believe the stress from four years of cramming combined with lack of sleep created an exhausted 20 something woman who found the gym or any other physical activity undesirable.

And Finally, I'd like to thank my children. Carrying a human being in your womb makes it difficult to run (like I ever would), eat healthy (total cop out), or maintain any level of self control (I exaggerate my condition, don't tell my hubby).

So those are the 3 blames this Chubby girl likes to fall back on, but really I guess it's just been my choices. So I'm going to try to make some different ones.

Check back for updates and feel free to share your own struggles, successes, and secrets to health or a Heidi Klum body. And NO I will NOT be doing the no carb diet, if I had that kind of discipline I wouldn't be in this boat in the first place! DUH

Here's what's helping me:

my last "slim-down saturday" blog has some snacks I depend on (scale today said 42.5 down--making like 8 to go for baby weight only, but I plan on going further)
...let me know how you are doing :)

You are very brave to blog such a thing! Good job! I offer my support - weight loss is not easy. Losing my weight after Haven was difficult. I gained way more with her than Justus. But eating healthy and smaller portions helps. And of course, eat some of what you crave, just not all the time. I eat lots of chocolate - but often instead of meals - not super healthy, but a way to stay trim and I do always eat at least a small bfast to kick start that metabolism.

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