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It's eleven thirty at night and I'm spent. I've nurtured, protected, and entertained little people all day. In the process of being mom I've also managed to squeeze in some laundry and tidying and now I'm more then ready for bed. I wash my face, change my spit-up-on clothes and finish feeding baby girl and now I crawl into bed. Ah bed what a beautiful thing.

I crawl into bed after a day of children and insane heat looking forward to the comfort of my cool fresh sheets only I find THEM!!!

What are they? They're my man's LEGS on MY side of the bed. Oh it's like road rage only I'm in bed. I can't take it. He's asleep and he's sleeping diagonally. I ask, I kick, I swear, I lose my mind! I literally have to move his legs to "his" side. At this point my sheets are hot and I'm bothered. Honestly, it's probably one of my top 5 pet peeves.

When we first married he guised this sleeping behavior by saying he just wanted to "cuddle". I figured we had a queen and that's what married people did. HA. I got over that by umm week 2 of marriage. Eventually, we arrived and inherited a California King. My instant thought was "YES, no more hot sheets and legs on my side". I was SO wrong.

I realize this whole blog was about legs on my side of the bed, but I can't help it. It's something I didn't realize I cared SO much about till I experienced it...CONSTANTLY!!!

You? Pet peeves? irriatations? bed sharing rules? Spill...

(left: documented proof of my pet peeve before the "bed rage" kicked in)

You crack me up! That is way funny. I have to admit Im the diagonal sleeper in our house. Fortunately Neil doesnt mind!

You are so funny. I too am the diagonal sleeper and he doesn't mind. Sorry!

Next step... twin beds :(

Ugh. Nic is the bed-hog in our house. I can totally relate to the 'I just want to cuddle' issue. Um...sorry, you cuddle-crazed bed HOGGER...I can't sleep with your body sprawled all over my side of the bed! I wake him up and roll his booty over! I have slept on the couch on more than one occasion because he suspiciously ends up on my side of the bed in the middle of the night.

Twin beds are not a bad idea.

@ Carrie: Oh I'm so with you.

@ Anonymous: Umm...I know it was you Dave that left the message I watched you verify....

Adam is totally the bed hog. He spoons into my side and crowds me until I get pushed to the far edge of the bed, and at one point, I even fell off in the middle of the night. Let me tell you how happy I was when that happened! Now our bed is in a corner and so instead of me falling of the bed while I sleep, I get pushed into the wall...that is not a good side of the bed to wake up on.

Girl I'm with you! It happens in my bed in a matter of SECONDS. The baby will wake up and in the short time it takes me to walk to her room and give her the pacifier/cup of water, hubby has taken over the bed! I HATE IT!

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