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Ah Hoy There

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So Today is national Talk like a pirate day (I kid not). So grab your garb it's time to freak out the kids. I say we parents have some fun with this. Let's end every sentence with "Ahrrrrrrr". Come on you know you want to...
Since Friday is almost over why don't we extend this holiday through tomorrow. You could dress up the kiddos, watch pirate of the Caribbean, or for those of you who family night it, you could make it the theme. This just seems like too good of a holiday to pass up.

(I just threw Johnny in for good measure)

Speaking of pirates...I just saw this on a blog friends page. So you know, it's not a joke, there are pirates among us. Check it out,

thanks...but it wasn't my idea...people have been talking about them all summer around it's too expensive to travel. so you stay home and do fun stuff nearby. i hope we make it to the beach! ahrrrr...

Argh! Thanks for posting a pic of Johnny, ye wee lassie!!

Nic actually called me that day and was SO excited about it. He told me to tell the kids they could have anything they wanted if they talked like a pirate. Yeah, I let him implement THAT idea when he got home. I was going out to dinner with friends that night, so me and the boys made cupcakes, then I had them decorate little squares of paper and skewered them and stuck them through the cupcakes so they looked like little pirate ships. THEN, I hid some candy and made a treasure hunt for them. Daddy said they had loads of fun. Argh!

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