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(this was posted earlier and then blogger freaked out on me. so I apologize to those who commented and whose comments were erased)

Today I did manage to go to the gym again. Yes, I said again as in: I've been before. that's twice this week and I'm hating every minute of it.

General observations:

1. TV's on the exercise equipment? I'm at the gym right? not my living room

2. There's 2 types of people at the gym. The addicts and the new years resolutions.

3. Why do machines have to yell at me to hold the heart monitor. If I cared about my heart I wouldn't be in this position.

4. I went to a gym once that had a bar in it. Is that appropriate? better yet, is that legal?

5. I prefer the gym with a bar in it to the gym with the aerobic room windows.

6. what's up with aerobic rooms having windows? God forbid your late b/c you know you'll be spending the next 1hr jumping up and down by the window for the whole weight section to view.

7. why is there always a Tony working for a gym?

8. I think a tummy tuck may be easier and less cruel than the spin class.

9. Why do I always feel strangely uncomfortable when I do the hamstring workout machine (You know the one where you open and then close your legs).

10. I think if you stretch before starting a workout it makes you look like you know what your doing.

11. Nothing makes you look slimmer when your working out not even black.

12. Grey is not a good color to work out in..."hi pit stains".

13. If your belly goes one way and your body goes another that's generally a bad sign.


just in case u didnt see my comment here is the vid i posted yesterd

u should laugh its about #

Luis de mi compo

So I'm super curious about the blogger who freaked out. Please email me details. You are hilarious and so right about all your gym observations. I think a tummy tuck would be easier too. Definitely planning on onw some day, but I actually do love going to the gym. It's all about making it a social event. It makes it easier to look forward too. What gym are you going to?

3 words. elite fitness bootcamp.
I gained 80lbs with my boy... bootcamp is JUST what I needed... I couldn't get results at the gym... couldn't stay motivated to work hard enough... check bootcamp out... I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eric the main coach... he kicks my ass... and is one of the nicest people I know...

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