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Left Behind

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okay I'm still cracking up as I type. I remember growing up with these books in my home. You know, during the "raptures tomorrow" phase in Christian society. Yes, these books were the foundation to my insecurity as a child/pre-teen. I was certain I had be "left behind" when I came home and my parents were not there or if I couldn't find them immediately. Oh, thanks LaHaye and Jenkins.

Anyhoo, I found out they were releasing a "left behind" game (I kid not). Below is a direct quote from the FAQ page;

"What is the level of violence in the game?
Our game includes violence, but excludes blood, decapitation, killing of police officers, etc. Our game is expected to be widely accepted by the mainstream and Christian marketplaces, just as they have accepted Star Wars games which are “T” for teen rated. We have taken great care to make certain that consequences for poor gamer behavior will adequately reflect the gamers actions. Accordingly, unnecessary killing will result in lower Spirit points."

Thoughts? Would you buy the game? Do you wish you thought of it?

Me to St. Peter: "What do you mean I'm not getting in?!?!? I had 10,000 Spirit Points!!!

Hey Sis..I was 10 years ahead of you and I had the same worries. I can't tell you how many times I came home to a random pair of shoes sitting in a odd place, and thought about being left I am curious to see if it was all homes or just our wacky parents and the Church they went to as wide eyed Christians. And was it really a "phase", because why is there a game coming out now. The poor newbies with thier "Left Behind" fears.

Count me in as a "Left Behind" scaredy-cat! Pretty much the same fears here...random shoes, check. Clothes that seemed to have folded themselves and were left on the couch, check. Half bottle of soda left on the table, check. I also did the whole "God could take me right now and all the kids in my class would miss me." Um, yeah...I was slightly full of myself. Thankfully that phase only lasted until....well....hhhmmm...maybe I'm still in it?

Do you remember coming over and playing the old "bible" video game for the Nintendo? I remember one part in the game where you had to run around town throwing bibles at people walking by in order to "save them" and the more people you "saved" the more points you got. And as an added bonus, you had the random bar on the street and if took your character into the bar it was like a sudden death, and you lost the game instantly. Talk about mainstream Christianity.

oh wow that's awesome in the terrible sense.

LOL i remember these never really got into brother read some, he thought they were cool, but i had issues with them..they were not biblically correct...i don't like when "Christian" material miss leads people about God...Cause biblically there is no such thing as left behind...think about it..if people can't come to Christ Jesus at this day and age when His grace is abundant and its very will people do it after the rapture takes place? The point of the rapture is to remove the church so the anti-christ can have free reign over humanity, and the bible describes these days as the worst that the world will ever see….if they can’t do it now, they are not going to do it then…..ok so guess I wouldn't like the game….lol…its odd how we have to have gimmicks to attract people to God…whatever happened to believing, having faith in the power of his word and just preaching it or sharing it?????

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