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September 11

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Today marks the 7th year since our nation experienced a travesty not uncommon in many other countries, but certainly unknown to us.

I'll never forget being woken up by a phone call, watching my parents frozen in front of the television, the eerie silence on my (then) college campus before class was canceled. More than anything I will never forget the feelings I experienced for the first time that day or the interest sparked in me toward national and world politics by those feelings.

How about you? Where were you when you heard about the planes, the Towers, the Pentagon, United 93? How has September 11, 2001 impacted you?

I was at home getting ready for work and Carrie's sister called us and told us to turn on the news. I thought it was an accident had no idea what was really happening. At work we just watched in unbelief. It was just awful, I will never forget that day. It was surreal since I had been there the year before and walked past that WTC on the way to the park.

I on my way to school and I turned on "The Front Row" on KRZR (a normally funny and energetic bunch), and everything was really serious and professional. It was so out of character for them that I knew something was going on. I only got to hear about five minutes of news before I had to go to class and spent the entire morning worried about what was going to happen next.
The next few days were spent glued to the TV at all hours of the day listening to the same thing over and over. Even though the attack happened 3,000 miles away it felt like it happened in my backyard.

I was at home getting ready for work with Shea :) when my sister called. It was the one morning I hadn't turned the news on yet. We thought it was this weird accident. I was at work with the huge screen tv on the news when we watched the towers fall. Such a poignant time in our nations history. I remember being so proud that Bush was our president at that moment. Now, my sister knows a child on her soccer league whose dad passed away in the WTC that day. It's amazing how it reaches all the way to the west coast and touches our lives when our nation is attacked like that.

i heard it as i woke up to my alarm...they were talking about it. i was sitting on the couch with my mom when the towers fell...i watched the tv all day at work, and some more the following day.
i'll never forget crying that night, wondering what was going to happen. i think it was a defining moment in our history, and unfortunately i wish it had taught us more that this is not something new in the world. countries all over the world experience things like it all the time. i wish we learned that, and i hope we haven't already forgotten it. but looking at the election...i think it's clear we have.

can you tell i'm a little disenchanted with america these days? love you by the way!

As I came down the stairs in the morning to get some coffee before getting ready for work, my parents were standing there, frozen with this look on their face. I asked "who died"? Then they told me. I went to work and the entire company was shell shocked, everyone listening to the radio in disbelief. After a couple of hours, they sent us home. It was an awful day.

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