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For some reason my boys didn't want me to have a Cherry Zero Coke today!

I walked in to find that Titus had attempted to try his first soda today

Later I'm relaxing (first time all day) and I hear a "bam". I open the freezer to find this

David attempted to quickly chill a soda before work and forgot about it.

Now I have this to clean and no soda's left...I need caffeine


Oh man! That's a tragedy in my book! We're out of Cherry Zero right now too, and let me tell you, I really want one!

LOL. But how can you be mad at a cute face like Titus'. That picture is adorable.

I hear ya! That is a bummer deal. I MUST have my caffeine!

What a Chunky Monkey! I know he is not Chunky...but in this pic he looks like a Chunky little Monkey.

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