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Chubby Girl w.1

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Thoughts this week:
  1. Why do skinny people say they're fat or "gaining weight"? Don't they know that's annoying?
  2. When is molten chocolate lava cake appropriate?
  3. Can snoring count as exercise?
  4. Mesh netting of any kind is not appropriate to wear unless in costume.
  5. Shouldn't tee-shirts hang on you? shoot.
  6. I really need to find a way to exercise....
  7. I really wish I didn't just tell my dad I needed to find a way to exercise...thanks dad for the exercise ball...shoot.
  8. I want a mans metabolism
  9. was it really necessary of me to take my measurements? truth is hard.
  10. I need a bike
  11. If President Clinton could find time every morning for a run/jog I think I need to re-evaluate my schedule.
  12. I really need to toss those jeans I've been holding onto since college.
  13. Maybe if I go blond it will draw attention away from the rest of my body?

Confession: This might be my problem
Thanks hollyjones for leaving this behind.

trust me i did not mean to leave it

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as for #4: I believe hookers have an exemption here.

just found your blog through dayna! LOVE IT!

LOL! I totally subscribe to the "go blonde to distract" philosophy! Either that, or a big boob job to make the rest of my body look smaller. The hair is less painful...and less expensive!!

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