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It was an 80's Party

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WARNING: This might be the most horrifying picture I have ever displayed.

It was a "Surprise, murder mystery, 80's themed, progressive dinner, birthday party" I was frightened at Dave's ability to fit right into that era (he resembled a Sadie Hawkins date my sister had in high school).

LOL, "Stuff white people like" #29!

Sounds like a party I have always wanted :-) You look so fine!

hey were are the acid washed jeans?.....reminds me of Degrasi

Luis from myspace

Sorry, you got the wrong sister. I never looked like that. Never was a Madonna lover. I was more on the rocker side of things And I never went to Sadie Hawkins with a gay guy.(although I would have loved to) Sorry, but Dave looks a bit fem ?? Really Dave?

Well, a few of my dates did look fem come to think of My boyfriend was in the army, what was I suppose to do??? lol

Your outfit is awesome though. Way Cool!

I know you didn't dress like Madonna (lol). I was dressing like her b/c I was assigned her character. But sister pull out junior or maybe senior year sadies photos b/c D is frighteningly similar to the guy pushing you on the swing.

Not even! Yes they are both dorky pasty white, and I think my guy had a mullet, but there was no half shirt or pegged legs
And my friends made me go with him because my boyfriend was in Germany in the

Oh...and I love your outfit. I would rock those shoes today if we were the same size.

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