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I'm "the woman" (an adaptation of "the man"). For Hub's birthday I fa-nangled my family and his into contributing to a gift of sheer awesomeness. We flew to Chicago and watched a Bears (his favorite NFL team) game. It was cold and by cold I mean, I lost feeling in my legs about 20 minutes after arrival. It snowed. For those of you in the central valley it's this very cold white stuff that lands on you and eventually melts leaving you even colder. But it was pure Awesomeness...Maybe next year I'll actually get SOMETHING on my birthday!

Outside of Soldier Field. He was so excited I was waiting for pant wetting.

Our seats. Decent not quiet nosebleeds.

I have no words when faced with such sheer awesomeness! I bow to your superior birthday planning skills and beg you to teach me your awesome gift giving ways, "The Woman."

"He was so excited I was waiting for pant wetting"

pant wetting is not possible in such a cold environment..hehe...very nice gift....i hope you toes are better

Luis from myspace

AWESOME gift! I'm am not showing this to my hubby, because then he'll want to fly to NY to watch the Giants. Bet your hubby LOVED it!

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