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It all started

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When my kids pediatrician asked if I had the flu shot. My reply "no I haven't had the flu in about 8 years." 

There were other signs like the visit to my FNP who offered to give me the flu shot then. My reply "Nah I'll come back I'm a bit pressed for time". I believe it was all a set up.

Now I'm sitting in bed on a wednesday at noon, whining about my joints aching (despite the excessive about of advil I have consumed), and my head kind of feels like this:


Oh girly, I am so with you today. I completely overslept because I had to take so much Nyquil last night. Boo.

I love that you typed 'about of advil' instead of amount. Typo or not, it totally makes me read it like I'm stuffed up and helps me to realize your pain!

March 17 means


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I talk WAY too much about absolutely nothing, but it's my own way of getting to what actually matters. Too analytical but at times it comes in handy. Enjoy hearing peoples stories. Get bugged by stereo-type people. Bad speller. Secretly lazy. Quasi OCD. Carry a constant frustration for the marginalization within America. Sarcastic. Suffer from (UL) aka uncontrollable laughter...never know when it's going to hit.

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  • Foster's: Celebration of Discipline
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  • Safran's: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • Young's: The Shack

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