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Best Worst Movie Ever...

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We all have them. Movies we wish we'd never seen. I have a list of the worst movies ever. To be honest I'm glad I've seen some of them because they are so terrible I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it. some of mine include;

5. The thin red line (literally fell asleep in the theater)
4. Howard the duck (I lack the words...)
3. Cut throat island (Are you kidding me?)
2. A gnome named gnorm (There were a lot of things in the 80's that I felt were crack induced this one tops the list)
1. Sleepwalkers

I did not watch Sleepwalkers alone. WutheringIris and I went through a stage when we were about 16(ish) where we spent most of our free time watching horror films during summer afternoons and concluding we could have created a much more unpredictable screenplay. The only thing I could use to rationalize this movie was that Stephen King had nothing to do with the development of the film...but he did. I couldn't stop laughing while we watched and if you've ever seen my "uncontrollable laughter" in person you can imagine what the next 90min or so looked like.

(I have not included any sequels or trilogies since that only would have quadrupled the list. I also skipped out on decades prior to my birth b/c...well...there's only so much time in a day.)

So dish...What's the worst film you've ever seen? And why? Now's the time to clear your conscious.

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! I remember that movie....I think we laughed throughout the whole thing!!! Oh the hours we spent watching any horror movie we could get our hands on.

Here is another bad movie....The Man who Cried...(or something like was with Johnny Depp). We rented that one and pretty much lost interest 5 minutes into the movie.

The Bachelor with Chris O'Donnell. Actually walked out from boredom. All the Pretty Horses- same thing.

The Big Empty. This one made the hubby actually get up and search the DVD menu to try to find the actual ending. He was livid when there wasn't one.

Jeepers Creepers.

And the other one on my list is one that I think is called "Mission to Mars" or something like that.

EDIT: It wasn't Mission to was Ghosts of Mars. Really really horrible.

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