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Living with a drunk foreign exchange student. That's the best way to describe the day to day interactions I share with my almost 2 year old son. Over the last year my son has become highly communicative which I can only assume is one part biology and one part my fault. Titus is definitely MY son. 

So back to my drunk foreign exchange student. Most of Titus' words are slurred, mixed with inaccurate other words, and said with a thick "baby" accent. I can usually understand at least 1/3 of what my son says but it
 typically takes a LOT of guessing, interpreting, and asking to be shown. When Dave and I get jammed we result to "Show daddy/mommy" and we allow him to lead us to various locations around the house. 

I can only suppose that with all this practice one day the Lord will lead us to opening our home to a foreign exchange student with a sobriety issue okay maybe not. 

Dear Foreign exchange students,
Please don't hate me. I'm aware of your ability to speak fluently in several languages and my inability to speak fluently in one. My comparison was based on barbaric stereotypes. 

No foreign exchange student will ever be that cute. I love that picture, makes me want to come over and squeeze his cheeks!

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  • Foster's: Celebration of Discipline
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