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in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in your neeeeigborhoooood?

I decided to tap into "extrovert krystin." If you haven't met her you really should. I find that if I try hard enough I can be pleasant and focused when talking to someone (this typically requires sleep and being childfree). Two things I rarely experience these days. My decision is in an effort to "commune".

I whipped up some peanut butter chocolate bars, wrapped them in little red boxes, tied a bow and plan to drag the kids out in the cold so we can get to know a few neighbors we haven't met plus reconnect with ones we have met.

I'm willing to admit that knowing your neighbors has some downsides to it, however in the long run it really is a good thing. And I'm a huge advocate for relationshipping/communicating so to stay true to form I wanted to do something that would encourage conversation. I believe food is essential to conversations. Plus the whole concept of loving one another has been something I'm working through. I will probably continue to work through this for the rest of my life but hey we all have our "things". I find the mantra "treating others the way you would like to be treated" helpful in my "loving others process" and I know if someone showed up at my door with sweets I would be deeply appreciative and if that "someone" was a she, and she had two small children I would be less inclined to assume something suspicious (like a request for a donation). I figure I will meet a few peeps and I will miss a few. Some will think I'm selling something or affiliated with a popular religious sect and hide, those are the neighbors I can't wait to met!

Mid Peanut butter Chocolate process

Trust me: they wont be so scary once they are cut into bars... I think.


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