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Is a truly honest depiction of fears, thoughts, and dreams in a midwest high school. Even if your not into documentaries I would recommend you view this one. 

I did not go to high school in the midwest nor did I even attend a public high school, yup I'm a private kiddo (shhh don't tell) and yet I found myself connecting with these teens. The documentary follows four teens (there is a quasi 5 teen but he's not soloed out) that fulfill your stereo-types. 

The Jock; whose future hangs on the next game and his ability to maintain his sanity despite his high-pressure, elvis impersonating, vicarious living dad. The Geek; tragically uncool and unimaginably awkward, game playing, pimple popper, bando boy who longs to be noticed in a positive way, find his niche, and meet a nice girl. The "It" chick; vindictive, controlling, wealthy, athletic, pretty, and smart all of which exist to mask the immense about of pain and pressure she's experiencing at home. And finally there's Hannah (I know I used her name opposed to her title). I fell for Hannah. She's the Rebel; plays in a band (not the band), paints, lives with grandma, desperately wants out of her small town. 
Each teen raised emotions in me as I watched. I wrenched in pain as they let me view their lives and crossed my fingers with each possible moment for success or maturity. If you remember your teen years, tried to forget them, or never really had them you MUST enjoy this documentary. I understand that these teens fulfill extreme stereo-types and are often not the normal experience, however, they do reflect a degree of truth for a specific demographics life and I found myself ever more thankful that I am NO longer 18! 

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