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He's turning 2. I don't remember turning 2 I don't remember 2 at all, but I know I will ALWAYS remember his year 2. The way he gives this sneaky little smile when he's about to be a stinker, eventually he'll figure out a way to hide what he's thinking. Eventually he'll stop seeking my approval to explore and discover the world. Eventually he wont call out my name when he can't see me. And eventually he won't be 2. So this year is special, as is every year of my children's lives. 
I want to make sure I teach him a few things as he grows. below is several ideals I hope to pass on. 
  1. The process of loving and being loved by God is challenging, adventurous, euphoric, and real...very real. We can't live our spiritual life/relationship vicariously. This is a road of faith and we very often have clumsy feet. 
  2. We must touch. The "do not touch" phrase should be used for only certain situations; but the rest of life should be a "touch" sign. Titus fed a giraffe a while back and he was VERY uncertain. Those animals are crazy looking  and I completely understood the uncertainty. He nervously touched the giraffes mouth to feed him a leaf and received the ultimate licking. In return he laughed and it was a gut laugh. Life should result in genuine reactions. laughter, love, forgiveness, joy, pain all real experiences that he shouldn't miss b/c we "do not touch". 
  3. Pain and suffering should be welcomed not avoided. I was timid in unexpected ways for a child. I was outgoing definitely an extrovert, however when it came to the possibility of failure, disappointment, or the unexpected I was often timid. I was afraid. Fear of experiencing any form of pain or suffering. He should know that loving people who may never love us back, riding a bike out of the cul-a-sac, pursuing secret dreams, and losing (whether it's a game, a loved one, or an expectation) are a precious part of life. 
  4. Success and prosperity can be defined in many inaccurate ways. Guidance with these should not be sought through popular culture.
  5. Defending the defenseless matters. Defending yourself is overrated. I am finally realizing the roots/core to so many of my own defenses/defensiveness and I have a long road ahead of me. Perhaps he can save himself a few decades of work and live a life that matters much earlier. 
  6. How to be a good husband (from a women's point of view). Perhaps I'm trapping him into a specific identity and it may never be his path, but at least he'll know how to take care of himself. I promised to raise a young man who could cook, clean up after himself, do laundry, listen (actively) while giving meaningful feedback, yield his pride, and love. I figure it's a start and perhaps it will give me some favor with my future daughter-in-law. 
I could go on but who knows how much longer this post would be? 
So in return. Is there a lesson you wish you'd learned? Is there something you want to make sure you pass on (regardless of having children or not)?

One goal we have is simple, but applicable for our season of life right now: Doing homework first thing after school, not right before bed.

2 is so much fun! Justus will be 3 next month and I just love, love where he is and where he was all year during 2. It is great! Soak it in - all the way!!

As far as what to pass on - oh the list is long...mainly a real and very intimate relationship with our Creator.

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