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Effects of a recession.

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There was this funny little thing that happen after I had my second child. I found it wise not to make meals that required too much preparation (i.e. more than hot water or butter). As such, I laid off some appliances in my kitchen without noticing. One item however, was "relocated" to a new department and given a different job title, that item was my kitchen aid mixer.

I was found out the other day by Her when I decided to make carrot cake cupcakes for Titus' 2nd birthday. After some nervous laughter I admitted that it had become the pacifier/thermometer/mylicon holder. Oh how our lives and kitchen have changed.

Hehehe, I have those little spaces myself. I also have lost quite a few pans and spoons to the backyard as digging equipment, and wooden spoons are no longer safe as they are broken to splinters when used as swords. Life and all your belongings take a whole new meaning.

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