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my shopping at our local warehouse store. Since I have a household of 4 I now find it necessary to shop in bulk for some reason. Despite the fact that I have NO real pantry, limited storage, and really will never need THAT much relish...Costco still beckons me. I digress...

I was finishing loading my cart of over-sized, really great deals when I begin to approach the war zone. I refer to the checkout lines as the war zone. If I consciously try to select a line that will go quickly it is inevitable that I will stand in the slowest moving line or someone in front of me will forget something, lack a price tag, or not have the "correct" membership. 

A war zone, because that's what's going on in my head (a war). It takes everything in me not to audibly sigh, growl, or grunt. And only the Lord, myself, and Psychics know what I'm thinking in those moments. I hate Costco lines they should come with ACE inhibitors. Not too long ago I entered the war zone only to find we were at peace. the line I selected wasn't short but it was fine and I wasn't in a huge rush b/c my kids were with Daddo (I refer to these breaks as vacations). Anyways I'm approached by a Costco representative (employee) who notifies me that this line is slow and that I need to go to the line 2 rows down with only 3 people. I say "that's okay I'm cool" but dude is persistent. I cave and the collape results in me waiting an additional 15 minutes while the cashier verifies that the costumer ahead of me is indeed related to the member. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm pretty sure the persistant Costco rep ran away as soon as he saw me begin to shake my head while I watched the other line deminish.

So this ramble is all in an effort to exclaim "What is up with people?"

Today I'm at said store. I have both little ones with me. We have been there for at least an hour and I begin to walk directly towards a line. I'm talking to my son only to look up in time to see a lady look at me and zoom into the line. No words are spoken as we both stand in the SAME spot side by side. I'm ah struck. I am thankful my kids are with me. I'm really not a nice person sometimes. I say "is this the line?" refering to where she now stands. Her response "yeah, they're all super long...sorry"      W#*% T&e *&^%!!!!!!!! 

While she's speaking a heard of people line up behind her and all I keep thinking is..."she's really not going to let me go after cutting me off and seeing the huge line behind her." 
Perhaps acknowledging her aggression and my exhaustion after seeing the line grow behind her would have moved her to a decent reply or action. Nope.'s a WARZONE!

Thanks for saving me $100 in a therapy bill this week.

Any shopping stories? Anyone else have a magnet for the slow line? Anyone play the jerk on a bad day?

I know how you feel. I absolutely hate Costco as well. I will usually go to the self-check-out line, but still, there is ALWAYS a problem. Then the self-check-out clerk will come over, and as good willed as they are, but that time I am already fuming, also I have a line of people behind me...all angry b/c I am in the self-check-out line and I have about 100 things in my cart, plus I have two orders (b/c most of the stuff is for work). I go there at least twice a week, and every time there is a problem. But I literally refuse to go to the regular line because they are so LONG! So yes...I feel your pain.

oh, but you haven't experienced anything until you've hit Costco in LA...THERE ISN'T EVEN ROOM TO STAND WITHOUT RUNNING INTO SOMEONE...we've found the money shot though, put Myka in a carrier and as you are asking people to move and get out of your way, when they turn and see a smiling baby in front of them, it's awesome...the crowds part and the scowls quickly turn to awe's. i've never seen anything like it.
and as an fyi...we went to costco in fresno over christmas, and were delighted by the space and how quickly the lines moved...funny huh!!

When she said "yeah, they're all super long...sorry"

You should of said..Yeah! It's really good you got here right AFTER me or you might be stuck behind all these people now....

Me..I would of said Excuse me, You just cut in front of me...but you know me.....

This is why I have no Not to careful with what I say.

Wow, only $100 per week...these bay area therapists charge $150 a pop! Costco up here is no better, and Adam and I are usually the only people there that speak English, so we can't have that lovely conversation with our "diverse" neighbors in our war zone lines.

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