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Yesterday I asked

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my students if they had watched the American Idol tryouts. Not a single student in either class had seen them. What's up? Are you watching the tryouts? Has the annoyance toward Simon, Randy, & Paula taken over?

I've given up on AI. It's old. I'm guessing I'd even rather NOT watch TV than watch it. I took it off my dvr, even.

Remind me when it gets down the final four...and MAYBE I'll watch it. And that's saying a lot seeing how I'm a huge Kelly Clarkson and Chris Daughtry fan.

I haven't watched any American Idol since the first or second season, but I had a friend send me this link which in my mind in one of the best clips ever:
NOTE: the guy is blind!

I so am wathcing American Idol. I love that show although I cannot make up my mind how I feel about ms Kara... she so far annoys me

I wait for the top 10. But I am recording it though.

Ah yes the new judge. Hmm. I wonder why they brought her in? maybe to offer a stable woman's opinion? Anyone know?

I love the tryouts! I have a terrible voice so perhaps it makes me feel better.

I don't alway watch the whole season....but come on!!! You have to watch the tryouts!!! That is the best part of the show!

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