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For a reason and I spent the morning reminding my students why. I've heard quite a few speeches in my day and I can honestly say today's speeches were...well...umm...memorable. After listening to 60 some odd presentations today I felt compelled to compile a top 10 list of "signs" for my readers. "Signs" that your presentation may not be going so well, or in the case of a student "signs you may not be getting an A." This list is based solely on the speeches I heard today. Here goes;

10. You pop your gum with your back teeth while speaking.
9. Your conclusion is "Dat's all I gots."
8. You suggest becoming a drug dealer.
7. Your full presentation last 10 seconds.
6. You begin your speech with "dammit."
5. You forget what your speech was on before you conclude it.
4. You refer to a significant other as "boo" during your example.
3. You stop mid-sentence in your presentation and beg for another topic.
2. You grab your crotch and check the inventory in front of everyone before you begin.

Props to higher education. Some days you feel like your making a difference and some days you contemplate slamming your head against the desk.

LOL! That's awesome! What subject is it? Public speaking? And those are all our future politicians?

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That is horrible (that students have no regard for proper speaking/giving your best) - it makes me cringe!

Oh, Honey! Trust me, I feel your pain!! I had 2/55 do a decent job :/
(I am tryin' to get them ready for ya but they are very resistent)

This made me laugh out loud! And I sure don't know how you wouldn't during these presentations!!! However, I don't think student #8 cares about the A, seems they have their future planned out! =) Miss you.

That is so funny! How do you not laugh out loud or cringe with embarrassment for them?

Bluetooth. Number three in my top ten list of pet peeves.

@ Carrie. Yes, it's public speech.

@ Andrea & Julie: I prevent laughter or toe curling by looking down and "making notes".

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