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It's like a rush

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getting an amazing deal on something. I guess it's comparable to hunting but without the blood and loss of life (unless it's black Friday). I used to LOVE shopping, but there's not much time or resources for that these days so I've taken to the occasional hunt. Who hunts out there?

You know when you go to a store and you discover/stalk an amazing deal on some item/prey. You might go back a few times to check out the stability/resting place of the sale price and then it happens...the store/herd lets down/reduces its guard/asking price and *BAM* the items vulnerable and that's when you take aim and fire/grab & buy.

Well this last week I went hunting with a good gal pal and she'd been stalking a location and we swooped in and *Bam* I got a sweater that was originally $78.00 for $9.00!!!! So I had to take a picture of my prey.

What was your best kill?

(For some of you out there: please excuse the metaphor)

Well, it wasn't my kill, but last weekend we went hunting/shopping for a coupleof nice things for my cousin as she is going to Washington D.C. and will be hangin' with some big names & we stopped mid sentence to confirm the price as we saw it ring up on the register...a little black cocktail dress orginally $99 came out to $19.99. Upon seeing our shock the cashier offered to sell it to us for full price but we were good with what we saw.

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