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Hi Ho Hi Ho it's back to School I go...

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When I was 5 I started kindergarten and to the best of mine and my mothers memories I walked in looked around, said my hellos, and then walked straight up to my mother and said "you can go now". I knew then and there I was home! The fresh smell of late summer is in the air and that means that soon I will find myself in the most familiar situation once again. This is my last year of school (I hope/for now). I'm off to finish my masters (I hope). In 3 days I will find myself once again circling the lots at CSUF trying to beat out all the naive freshman for a coveted parking spot. I look forward to climbing those ivory towers of academia, while all the while trying to figure out why I torture myself yearly with term papers, hundreds/thousands of pages of reading, conversational forums that seem to go nowhere, and the perpetual procrastination that finds me about 1 hour into the semester. Why do this, you ask. I'll tell you why. This is MY addiction. You heard me! I'm addicted to school. Okay maybe not school, but learning. Yes, I love the pressure to write something insightful at 2am for a paper due at 8am. I love pages full of ideas and voices that I agree and disagree with. I LOVE THINKING. I love people who think. I love that I can read Habermas, Foucault, Burke, Butler, Nietzsche, Campbell, Baxter, Fisher, Taylor all in 3 months. There's no way I would do all this reading otherwise. But, most of all, I love that I'm surrounded by people who share my addiction. How about you...What's your addiction?

i haven't even read the post yet, but what the heck is dave wearing?

I am excited for you to start back to school. Since we live across the street from San Francisco State, all these young kids are moving into our building, getting ready for their first torturous semester. I smile at them in the elevator, and tell them to enjoy every minute of it, then they look at me like I'm crazy. I love being in school, and can see why people become professional students....someday I will go back for my masters. Adam and I will take turns sometime soon, in the mean time we are in the real world, wishing we could afford to be full time students due time. Good luck. Will you be teaching also?

Hallyeah, The pic is dave in his school uniform.He hated that outfit.

Hey Sister,
OUCH! That comment did not sound too nice. Yes, you can be in school and be in the "real world" at the same time. You are a good example of that. And "afford"? Well that is what financial aid is for. If this is a real blog you will post my comment. Freedom of speech and all that....Love you!

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  • Foster's: Celebration of Discipline
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