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For some reason I've been thinking about jobs/occupations a lot lately. I don't think this is because I'm not working (I do work) or because I hate my career b/c I love teaching college students. I just find my mind gravitating towards occupations when I day dream. I'm sure you've done it too. Perhaps my subconscious is working something out?! Who knows. Anyways, I would like to know what kind of jobs/occupations/careers you dream about. What's your dream job? What would you do if money wasn't a factor? What have you always wanted to just try? If you could temp anywhere for 3 months where would it be? Who would you love to work with?


OK, so I posted on here a few days ago but it never appeared....My top 3 Occupations:
1) Surgeon
2) Professional Shopper
3) World Wide Food Critic

Temp job: Chocolatier in Belgium...yum, chocolate...

hmmm actually i always wanted to joing the peace corp. I actully wanted to sign up after highschool but i couldn' due to family issue. So i never got to do it. even though its in the back of my head still. I just like helping people. Thats why i think i like teaching so much. Hmm what else oh it would be cool to be a dog trainer, work at area 51, work on a deep sea fishing boat, and work on the history or discovery channel, cause they do the coolest things
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