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With the holidays in full force I thought I'd mention this nifty little website. I know, I know. Most of us deep down inside have every intention of not succuming to the vortex of American consumerism during this month of December. However, if for some reason you do find yourself standing in some miserable line, purchasing something that is overpriced, with an older man behind you hacking up his lung directly at the back of your head just remember I offered an is a site where you can create a "wish list" of sorts for all different reasons and occasions (not just christmas). Tell your friends and family about it. I have started my own and love it. No more fake smiles and nods of appreciation when my birthday roles around. You can use this site as a registry for weddings, babies, birthdays, anydays, holidays, just because days... you get the picture. Check it out!

hello, i emailed you but got an error. anyway here's the reg cleaner i uses, this shit is good, don't stay without protection!

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  • Foster's: Celebration of Discipline
  • Gawande's : Better
  • Macarthur's: New Testiment Commentary
  • Orman: Women & Money
  • Pausch's: The Last Lecture
  • Rowling's: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Safran's: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • Young's: The Shack

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