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Guilty Pleasures

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I have guilty pleasures...I'm confessing

Guilt - the state of one who has committed an offense especially consciously (merriam-webster online dictionary).
Pleasure - a source of delight or joy.a state of gratification. (Merriam-webster online dictionary).

  • Boybands
  • Ellen (daytime show)
  • Purposely not replacing the toilet paper roll
  • Cool Ranch dorrito chips (the whole bag in one sitting). Start with the little tiny pieces, then just the ones with too much seasoning (it makes sense), before I know it they're all gone.
  • Cupcakes
  • Easedroping on strangers
  • Anything Tupac, P.Diddy (is that still his name?), Mase, Kayne West. I blast it really loud and sing to it (imagine opening scene of The Office).
  • Procrastination
  • Cussing and then lecturing Dave when he does it...hehehe
  • Watching a whole show from start to end in one sitting. I mean from very first episode (pilot) to show finale. I watched Gilmore Girls for 4 days without doing anything else but feeding my newborn son last year.

Okay you know some of mine, what are yours?


You forgot one: looking into people's houses at night ;-) or does that fall under easedropping?

And do you mean opening scene of Office Space? Because if there's a rapping Jim, Dwight or Michael moment, I've GOT to go back and find it!!!!

The opening scene I'm speaking of is found in the 1998 movie Office Space. A MUST SEE!

I completely agree. Prior to watching it, if you would have asked me to name a brand of stapler, I would have been at a loss. But now I proudly say Swingline! lol

hmmm not really sure, i like gwen stefani...just like her music...ummmm lets see, observing people at barns n noble or public areas were people talk,( is that the same as easedroping?)...watching movies on a saturday..all day not just for a few hours. jane austen, only the books, i will only watch the movies if i am forced to by my girlfriend for brownie points.

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