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Tonight we played cranium (guys vs. girls). If you have never heard of cranium then I'm guessing you don't drink starbucks coffee either. This is pretty much every good game smashed together and then placed on crack. It's a must own in every game closet (b/c that's where games go...the closet). Anywho there was what "some" would consider a pivotal question here it is, let's see what you think;

A typical pencil contains enough graphite to draw a line 35 miles long.
True or False?

well i said false, but that is wrong, it can actually draw a 70 mile long line...i thought that was pretty is the site i found it on

oh and i love this game, it one of my favorite, just haven't played it in forever

luis from myspace

hmmm well now it got me thinkging, a "typical" or "average" can draw a 35 mile line, but a non average or typical can draw a 70 mile line...i am confused...LOL and its late, i will think about it more tomorrow when i am playing paintball and shooting people

Lusi from myspace

I am guessing true. Have you played Cranium Turbo Edition? It's Cranium on crack! Imagine that! Promise we can play soon. I've been needing a fix.

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