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By being both a student and the occasional lecture giver I have the pleasure of noticing new trends for note taking. The once expected note pad and paper that I used in '99 has now been replaced by laptops. yes my students sit behind their own personal screens and pretend like I don't know they're playing games and emailing friends or fandango-ing.

Tonight as I sat in front of my own screen contemplating how in the world I was going to complete my own work I looked down and there HE was. He's been with me since 1999 and he's a good pal. He has provided plenty of notes and the occasional doodle and for that I will always love him. He is my Dr.Grip and I carry him with me always. I have underlined more books, noted more thoughts, and graded more papers with him than any other pen. I may go as far as to say I could have gotten through my undergraduate without a computer but not without my Dr.Grip. This good Doctor is always in...


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I talk WAY too much about absolutely nothing, but it's my own way of getting to what actually matters. Too analytical but at times it comes in handy. Enjoy hearing peoples stories. Get bugged by stereo-type people. Bad speller. Secretly lazy. Quasi OCD. Carry a constant frustration for the marginalization within America. Sarcastic. Suffer from (UL) aka uncontrollable laughter...never know when it's going to hit.

On my night stand

  • Foster's: Celebration of Discipline
  • Gawande's : Better
  • Macarthur's: New Testiment Commentary
  • Orman: Women & Money
  • Pausch's: The Last Lecture
  • Rowling's: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  • Safran's: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • Young's: The Shack

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