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So if I've never mentioned it before I'm NOT crafty. Nope. Not at all. I find my expression through other venues but Popsicle sticks and glue are not my friends. Something I want to learn and am slightly ashamed to admit is I can't sew. nope not even a hem. So I often secretly covet my friends and family who are crafty. Not those crazy crafty people who have dry flowers in reefs and hand sewn kitty cat cardigans but those who can fix a spouses shirt themselves and make Halloween costumes for their kids. Pregnancy has led me to desire the craft gene. I think it's primarily b/c I've seen the newborn clothes out there and folks someone needs to protest! I had to put my foot down. Pinks & flowers & pastels (lord the pastels) it had to be stopped and I'm unwilling to pay a fortune for my girly to be cute.

All this frustration toward attire reminded me of Amanda from freshman year in high school. We were in homeroom and it was a private h.s. so there was a dress code and as far as shorts went they had to be uniform. Poor Amanda. She was new and it was her first day. No one told her that even though you "could" wear the uniform shorts it was social suicide if you did wear them. She stood there like a deer in the headlights as our homeroom teacher explained the "shorts" option and cracked a joke about how no one wears "those ugly things". Yes there she was: new, awkward, and in ugly polyester shorts.

14 years later and here I am standing in the newborn section and equating my daughter in these onesies to Amanda and her uniform shorts. So I decided I couldn't do it. Nope just because my daughter is new to the world doesn't mean she should be subjected to such humiliation. I had to do something and I did. I put on my "non" crafty hat and made my own onesies!!! YES I MADE SOMETHING (other than a kiddo). Now obviously popularity is not the priority trait I want to teach my newborn nor is there any level of social acceptability I want to limit her to but if she does ever come home thinking polyester uniform shorts, black belt, & a mickey shirt are a good idea I'll know it's not b/c I started her out in pastel onesies. Below is some of the proof :

I am in serious awe of you right now. I've always considered myself a fairly creative, albeit sometimes even a bit crafty, person...but it never even crossed my mind to decorate onesies! They look awesome - she's going to be one stylish baby:)

I don't know if homemade onesies are stylish but at least she wont be in pastels! :)

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